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Company : How can 1stGMC help you?

1stGMC offers a wide range of innovative and effective solutions for your business.

We install wide area networks and local area networks using either network cabling, cat 5, cat 6, cat 7, fiber optic or wireless networks including laser & microwave and have exceptional knowledge of wireless security.

We can con virtual servers, voice over ip, thin client, clustering, replication and provide network consultancy for all your wide area networks and local area networks projects. Perhaps most importantly these solutions will be cond with network security in mind using, where appropriate, using access controls, firewalls, content filtering, anti virus, vpn, penetration testing, intrusion detection, encryption, biometrics and at every stage providing your business with security consultancy.

We never overlook the fact no network solution would be complete without the ability to provide reliable and future proofed data storage.

We offer offsite backup and online backup solutions from our datacenter’s or more conventional solutions such as tape backups, raid, san, nas and tape storage. If in the worst case data is lost we also provide data recovery as well as disaster recovery services to ensure your business continuity.

hardware, software, server either remote or on-site whether you are a small business, mid-size business or an enterprise customer we have a support package to suit your business.

We provide custom software and application development, such as crm, erp, scm, sso and software integration to meet your business challenges, improve your profitability and maximize the efficiency of your employees. As well as software development we also provide other services to ensure the success of your project such as srs, software outsourcing and software consultancy.

Our range of internet services available to you; include intranets, virtual tours, multimedia, extranets, e-commerce, e-mail hosting, web hosting, ssl, content management, internet branding as well as web design.

Our website design services include html website design, xhtml website design, css website design, cold fusion website design, data driven websites and flash websites.

Designing you website is only one htmlect of our services as we also specialise in website promotion or internet marketing as it is also known. We consistently achieve first page positions in search engines for both ourselves and our clients. Our search engine optimisation services include reciprocal linking, link analysis, keyword analysis, seo consultancy and pay per click.

Our network support contracts are probably the most flexible and tailor made in the industry, as well as offering outsourcing we offer hardware/software support for enterprise support, midsize business support, small business support as well as remote support, server support, ibm support, hp support, and cisco support. We also offer software support and our services include citrix support, content management server support, exchange support, lotus notes support, apple mac support, sage support, sharepoint support, sql support and terminal server support.

After all, what good is having all the latest software & hardware technology at your fingertips if you don't have the support and training to take advantage of it?

At 1stGMC, we are clearly focused on meeting all of the information technology needs of our clients.

Take a look around to find out about our people, our company, and the "can do" attitude that motivates us to deliver nothing less than the very best.

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