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Customer relationship management concerns the relationship between the organization and its customers.

We determine CRM as the whole system (processes) supporting customer relationships though the whole cycle, which aimed at achieving the main goal: creation of the workflow for attracting new customers and developing existing ones. Due to this, minimization of human element in customer relationships is achieved along with the absolute transparency of operations in sales, marketing and customer service spheres. CRM solution consists of 4 components: customer-centered organizational structure, business processes, regulations of client servicing and supporting software.

Regulations and rules of client servicing have to penetrate all the operations of company: sales, marketing, service, logistics, production, finances and other departments. Though the main regulations affect mostly front-office (sales, marketing and service), the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty depends on back-office as well, for instance product quality, delivery period, settlement of accounts with contractors.

relationship management means attracting new clients, changing neutral clients into loyal customers, turning devoted customers into business-partners (agents). This is applicable to any kind of market be it a global corporation with thousands of customers or a small business with few customers. Customer Relationship Management is the same in principle for both PLC and SME companies; it is the scope of CRM which can vary drastically.

customer relationship management is not an .exe file or something that comes 'out of the box'; it is a framework to assist employees whose attitude is a fundamental part of getting it right.

The ultimate purpose of CRM, like any organizational initiative, is to increase profit. In the case of CRM this is achieved mainly by providing a better service to your customers than your competitors. CRM not only improves the service to customers though; a good CRM capability will also reduce costs, wastage, and complaints (although you may see some increase initially, simply because you hear about things that without CRM would have stayed hidden). Effective CRM also reduces staff stress, because attrition - a major cause of stress - reduces as services and relationships improve. CRM enables instant market research as well: opening the lines of communications with your customers gives you direct constant market reaction to your products, services and performance, far better than any market survey. Good CRM also helps you grow your business: customers stay with you longer; customer churn rates reduce; referrals to new customers increase from increasing numbers of satisfied customers; demand reduces on fire-fighting and trouble-shooting staff, and overall the organization's service flows and teams work more efficiently and more happily.

To achieve this CRM software needs to be dovetailed into a company's natural work flow patterns, not forced onto them. Research must be done prior to purchasing software, not after. Reconciling the different needs of departments with an unsuitable package after the event is far more expensive than doing research upfront and understanding how information moves across different departments.

Achieving an accurate company wide record set can be a very difficult task; various departments will obviously be dealing with different htmlects of business activity. Accountants, sales managers and marketing staff will all have different priorities.

By identifying the natural flow of information through the various departments, task specific training requirements can be drawn up and integrity of data maximised. This exercise is an excellent opportunity in itself to identify problem areas and then plan for reaching the elusive but ideal goal.

We have a ready-made framework which our team of experienced professionals, customize as per your specific requirements to give you the desired solution, using best-of-the-breed tools and state-of-the-art approaches, our seasoned CRM consultants quickly transform your CRM requirements into tangible cost-effective solutions that stick to your business. Seamless integration makes sure that your CRM strategy is compatible with your existing legacy systems.

1stGMC CRM software provides extensive integration with a wide range of popular accounting software including Access Dimensions, Exchequer Enterprise, Pegasus Opera or Pegasus Opera II, Sage Line 50, Line 100, Line 200 and Line 500. This integration gives any CRM user access to sales and purchase ledgers, stock and pricing and to sales order processing as well as a wide range of other accounting software functionality.

1stGMC CRM software also has the following features:-

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Microsoft is making it easier for customers and partners to develop customized BI applications on top of its Dynamics CRM software.

What is inherent to all or most Saas applications that makes the model so appealing to midsize and large companies?

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