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software : single sign-on

real-time communication and collaboration are critical in today's competitive business environment, and it is essential that an organization's technology infrastructure be as tightly integrated as possible.

standards-based interoperability is not always enough. True peace of mind comes from knowing that key components of different vendors have been tested and verified to work together in mission-critical networks.

e-mail and web services, or applications, are essential in today's business environment, and to ensure security, more and more of these applications and services require authentication and authorization of users.

yet the process of authentication and authorization can be complicated and cumbersome as each application relies on its own unique database or directory, and its own unique user log-on.

unfortunately, users and their profiles must be entered and synchronized dynamically, increasing the operating costs associated with change management. And, with a number of passwords to remember, users often rely on what is easiest, making it simple for unwanted users to gain access. In fact, the high level of human intervention required makes the process less secure overall.

With the single sign—on solution, access to different systems—operating system, network and individual applications — is possible with one password, for a system that is less complicated to administer and less cumbersome to use.


A single sign-on solution can:

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