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security : virtual private network

A virtual private network (vpn) is a network tunnel created for data transmission between two or more authenticated parties. A secure vpn encrypts data before passing it through the network tunnel.

This ensures user privacy, data integrity and data authenticity. At its foundation, a secure vpn solution is complete only if the design architecture integrates:

In this digital economy, proprietary information is your company's most valuable asset. The growth of the Internet has greatly influenced the ease and speed with which information is shared, increasing its value exponentially.

Yesterday's challenge was to keep information secure. Today's challenge is to make this information accessible. Let's face it, what good is secured information if your users can't get to it?

A vpn solution provides you with state-of-the-art security and user accessibility. The vital combination for today's business model.

By combining the most advanced tunneling, encryption and firewall technologies with intuitive management and authentication tools, a vpn provides an incomparable solution: impeccable security, user transparency, and data accessibility.

Leverage vpn technology to secure your environment. Extranet. Internet. Intranet or private networks. A complete vpn solution safeguards your information and at the same time provides the flexibility needed to keep your team productive, no matter where they are.

Benefits of vpns

Security Saves you Money
Private networks used to be the only way to obtain broad scale communications. But private networks are expensive, not easily scaled and lack security. The Internet offers an inexpensive alternative for digital communication. A vpn solution allows you to take full advantage of the cost-saving benefits of the Internet and provides you with a superior level of security.

Smooth and Seamless Integration
Whether building on an existing network, or starting from scratch, a vpn solution will integrate seamlessly into your network infrastructure.

We don't ask you to change your network components or software, now, or in the future.

Easy to Maintain
Time is money. A complete vpn includes features that eliminate day-to-day maintenance:

Easy & secure access to your Information One of the primary purposes of a virtual private network (vpn) is to provide users with transparent and secure access to their corporate network. No matter where they are.

A vpn facilitates secure communications in a variety of environments. network-to-network. Desktop-to-desktop. Client-to-server. Dial-up for home office or traveling users.

Security and Speed - in One Solution
All secure vpn solutions include encryption, which is a computationally intensive function.

A vpn includes both hardware and software encryption components, designed to maximize your network's throughput performance.

Plan for the Long-term - Protect your Investment
A complete vpn solution is designed with a fully scalable, modular architecture.

It supports the latest industry standard, including IPSec. Adding components, or adding users, a vpn will grow with your business.

Extend & Secure your Communication Environment.

Create an Extranet
In today's economy, most organizations rely on strategic partnerships to ensure mutual growth and success. What makes these relationships successful? Information flow. A vpn establishes secure communication channels between you and your partners, enabling you to confidently share information in a secure environment. To the user, the secured extranet environment is transparent. The flexibility of a vpn allows you to establish a stringent foundation for securing proprietary information.

Expand to the internet
Many organizations have been hesitant to leverage the Internet because of concerns about the safety of their proprietary information.

How can you protect this information from external threats? A vpn includes a circuit-level firewall that protects your internal network by tracking and controlling the state of all in-bound and out-bound connections.

Detailed auditing and logging capabilities assist you in implementing your security policy.

Maximize your intranet
More and more organizations are changing their communications infrastructure to leverage the flexibility and cost savings of the Internet. But how do you establish a transparent environment that allows multi-office organizations to securely communicate?

The solution provides a comprehensive virtual private network solution that allows you to create secure encrypted tunnels between your offices. With a vpn you can selectively encrypt information based upon its source and destination, IP address, and application port and protocol.

Leverage remote access
The home-office and traveling user scenario has become a mainstay in the evolving structure of today's organization. How can you ensure that these users have secure access to networked resources?

A vpn solution allows your home-office and traveling users to dial-in to any ISP and create a secure tunnel to your network. Users can retrieve e-mail and access all network files.

Thevpnprovides users with a secure, transparent, and productive work environment. In addition, your company will save money by avoiding the significant cost, and headaches, associated with the implementation and maintenance of a modem pool.

Completely secure your private network
In most cases, private networks are not as secure as they first seem to be.

Their unprotected communications are susceptible to snooping, eavesdropping and data Theft.

Intercepting non-encrypted information on a private network is as simple as eavesdropping on a telephone conversation.

Regardless of whether you have a private network or an internet-based network, a vpn solution is vital and effective

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Q&A: Vinny Ferrari, CIO at Edward Jones, said in an interview that a new IP network will enable the financial services firm to converge data, voice and video traffic for users at its 10,000 branch offices.

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