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security : biometrics

biometrics is a human or physical characteristic unique to an individual that can be checked on an automated basis. Samples of biometric access control devices may be voice, palm print, fingerprint, retinal/iris scan, facial recognition, visual/thermal imaging, signature analysis, etc

At 1stGMC we having been working with biometric technologies for many years and can provide in conjunction with our many partners a robust, secure and reliable solution.

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Entuity this week announced it had upgraded its network management software to include capabilities to monitor in real-time firewall metrics, VPN gateways, as well as host and server systems.

Businesses have two new options for simplifying their branch office networks with multifunction devices from NetDevices and Adtran.

Also: a scoring system for telephone support; Borland jettisons legacy wares; Feds and IPv6; San Franciso and Wi-Fi

Check Point has upgraded its Eventia event-correlation software so it can now include data from Check Point's own endpoint security platform and from Windows operating systems.

Check Point says it has carried out its vision of uniting security management across the four areas of the corporate networks that must be protected: perimeter, Web, internal and endpoint.

Take one of the founders of Foundry Networks, add in the former vice president of software engineering at Extreme Networks, then mix in a former Juniper vice president and top off with a former senior director at Cisco - what do you get? You get ConSentry - the newest contender for the role of building the next replacement for the firewall.

Khtmlersky Lab has released a beta version of mobile anti-virus software for smart phones using the Symbian OS, it announced Thursday.

NetContinuum is jacking up the power of its application firewall with a new appliance that replaces its initial offering and adds new options for deployment that are less intrusive to the network.

Moving from one brand of gateway firewall to another is proving to be a daunting task that corporate customers say takes six or more months because of a lack of industry standards and dearth of migration tools.

Microsoft's Live Labs has launched two security-related Web-based services, one for providing authentication and another for connecting peer-to-peer applications through network firewalls.

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