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network support : mid-size businesses

Businesses with 50 to 250 network users have traditionally been an underserved segment of the IT outsourcing market.

The cost structures and service delivery models of large third-party support organizations make them too expensive for most mid-size businesses, who typically have small IT budgets with which to support IT networks whose complexity and sophistication are comparable to the information systems of larger enterprises.

1stGMC’s service delivery model, which takes full advantage of remote support, virtual office infrastructure and proactive network monitoring, dramatically reduces IT support costs while offering enterprise-level service from certified, world-class experts in a broad range of technologies.

1stGMC's co-sourcing services allow your business to find the right balance between in-house and outside support by leveraging the capability of your in-house IT staff with the in-depth expertise of 1stGMC's engineers.

By delivering effective support when you need it, providing specialists for critical applications, minimizing downtime through remote support, offering unique services such as customized, automated server monitoring, and charging only for the services you use, 1stGMC gives you an affordable way to maximize the business value of your network.

Why 1stGMC Makes Sense for Mid-size Businesses 1stGMC's staff of certified IT professionals have extensive experience with enterprise networks, allowing mid-size businesses to achieve world-class IT support without having to maintain large internal IT organizations or absorb the high cost of outsourcing network support to large national service organizations.

Working with 1stGMC

Working with 1stGMC allows your mid-size business to:

Avoid Turning IT Management Into Crisis Management Companies with 50 to 250 network clients often have sophisticated, enterprise-class IT infrastructures, but rarely have internal IT staffs with the depth and breadth of technical expertise to provide all the IT support that complex networks require.

Internal resources are often overworked and budgetary realities do not permit hiring additional full-time IT staff. These environments can be subject to higher than average employee turnover, which often leads to situations where replacement support staff must focus on keeping the network running rather than enhancing it.

Lacking in knowledge of the history, design, implementation, and architecture of the network, and with little time available between crises, new support staff are unlikely to be able to plan and implement effective network upgrades or migrate the system to keep up with changing business requirements.

Let Senior Management Focus Business, Not Networks Many mid-size businesses are aggressively moving to outsourced support models for information technology because building up large internal IT staffs seldom pays off with strategic business advantages.

Attempting to handle all IT service issues in-house can bog down senior management with the details of IT problems, yielding poor returns for time invested by such top talent.

Companies need reliable, feature-rich, scalable, and fault-tolerant IT environments to support their mission critical applications, but they recognize that it makes little business sense to own and build such systems themselves or to manage large internal staffs of IT personnel. Smart outsourcing or co-sourcing allows companies to concentrate their internal resources on areas that will bring them the greatest strategic and competitive advantages in the markets they serve.

Migrate Quickly to the Best Network Technology

The tough economic times that many companies suffered over the past years has caused many IT environments to become woefully out of date as a result of IT budgets being slashed in the interest of survival.

As economic prosperity has returned to many market segments, the starvation diets forced upon many business networks has created a burden of outdated information systems. This problem becomes apparent when the demand for new applications and customer-centered information solutions can’t be easily adapted to legacy systems. Increasingly, companies are being challenged by new upstart competitors who are not saddled with outdated environments and can quickly introduce state-of-the-art, customer-friendly applications such as web-based eCommerce, vender extranets, customer portals, and integrated supply chain management.

Budgets may be available, but often such major initiatives can't be carried out solely with existing resources. Adding to full-time head count seldom makes long-term economic sense for project-specific work, and companies often don’t have the time to bring resources up to speed for business-critical projects. In these circumstances, it can be very cost effective to engaged outsourced resources that can solve problems immediately.

Unique Advantages of Working with 1stGMC

1stGMC offers expertise in the core system software and office productivity applications used by most small businesses.

1stGMC can also provide help with an increasingly complex array of infrastructure technologies including firewalls, switches, routers, voice-over-IP solutions and wireless connectivity. In addition, 1stGMC's CISSP-certified consultants and CISM-certified Security experts offer a company-wide perspective on network Security.

The breadth and depth of Progent's consulting expertise brings a unique set of advantages to companies trying to maximize the business value of their IT network within a reasonable budget. These advantages include:

Best Practices

1stGMC’s staff of Microsoft and Cisco certified consultants average more than ten years of industry experience performing a variety of technical projects for a broad range of clients.

This extensive industry experience is refined by the company-wide best practices training that 1stGMC instills in its consulting staff. This means you get not just expert technical skills, but a consultant with proven methods for applying those skills to solving real business problems successfully and in a repeatable fashion.

Knowledge Transfer

1stGMC is committed to knowledge transfer from 1stGMC's consultants to customers. By teaching clients to deal with problems that are within their comfort zone, 1stGMC can focus on providing high-value services by helping clients resolve complex problems and facilitating the adoption of leading-edge technologies.

1stGMC can also help clients hire internal support staff to find a sensible balance for co-sourcing IT service.

Service Delivery Options

Available for Mid-size Businesses To suit the needs and budgets of mid-size businesses, 1stGMC offers a variety of options for delivering support, troubleshooting and consulting services.

On-site Service

Some IT problems require onsite support and troubleshooting. 1stGMC has built a strong team of experienced, Microsoft-certified field technicians and engineers who can deliver technical services anywhere in the US.

Remote Support

1stGMC's remote support and troubleshooting services give you the greatest leverage for your IT budget. Sophisticated remote access tools and experienced technicians and engineers combine to enable 1stGMC to resolve most IT problems without wasting time by traveling to your site.

Phone Support Call Center

When you need to talk to a technical expert, phone 1stGMC's Help Desk Call Center. You'll be tapping into one of the US’s most experienced support staffs. Phone support can be escalated to onsite service when necessary, but in the vast majority of cases your IT problems can be resolved over the phone or through a combination of phone support and remote access.

24x7 Support

1stGMC also offers 24x7 support and automated server monitoring to keep mission-critical systems running smoothly.

Staff Augmentation

If you have special network migration or upgrade projects that temporarily require additional IT staff, 1stGMC can supplement your internal organization with experienced technicians and consultants so your special projects are completed on time and within budget.

Site Relocation Services

1stGMC can provide a certified IT consulting expert who can help you plan and manage a seamless move of your IT infrastructure to a new facility, including data center design and setup, project management, ISP and telecommunications carrier selection and coordination, and coordinated system upgrades — all with comprehensive ongoing support throughout. 1stGMC's site relocation teams can work during off hours and weekends in order to minimize business disruption.

Expert Consulting

1stGMCs computer consulting services give your mid-size business affordable access to expertise in technical areas where you may lack in-house resources. 1stGMC's system engineers can provide insights on infrastructure and architecture that will allow your information network to grow along with your business without busting your IT budget.

Computer consulting Services available from 1stGMC include:

1stGMC's computer consulting services are available for as-needed help, for specific projects, or for ongoing support.

Help Desk Consulting Services

1stGMC's comprehensive Help Desk Consulting Services make it possible for you to set up a results-driven Help Desk that uses proven techniques to interact with clients and troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently.

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