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Today's business applications and solutions must enable your business to deliver the following:

To achieve these goals companies need to be able to utilise technology more effectively.

We combine traditional IT experience with internet development expertise and knowledge of emerging technologies. This gives you the ability to extend your existing IT investment whilst gaining maximum advantage from the new developments.

We are committed to using best-of-breed technologies such as Java, Oracle and XML ensuring that the delivered solutions are secure, stable, extensible and scalable.

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Our strong project team of highly qualified developers offer the following skills and technical capabilities:

Whether you require an end to end solution or additional resources to complement your in-house team we can offer appropriate resources to meet your requirements.


1stGMC use structured analysis, design and testing methods combined with rapid application development techniques as part of the development process.

This incorporates the Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM), Object Orientated Analysis and design and/or Structured Systems Analysis and design Method (SSADM) methodologies ensuring that all solutions are delivered to specification and on time.

Since we fully involve the client in all parts of the design process, the delivered solution closely meets the customer's requirements. This enables us to maximise customer satisfaction and at the same time provide the most cost-effective solution.

We are committed to delivering quality solutions and take great care to ensure that solutions have been exhaustively tested.

We design systems around data architectures such that future business changes can be incorporated without scrapping existing investments. Our choice of flexible development technologies support this approach and it allows us to undertake virtually any data driven business requirement

The key features of this approach have the following benefits to our clients:

If a custom software solution sounds of interest to you or your business, please call us and we will be happy to advise you.

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Call us now

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements further. If we can be of any assistance to you, please contact us or one of our ad sponsors.

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