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recovery : disaster recovery

The measures an organization takes to ensure that they can continue to operate during a disaster, whether natural or the result of a criminal act is known as Disaster Recovery (or sometimes business continuity).

As companies put more emphasis on the value of their information and the definition of the working day becomes elongated with remote workers wishing to access data outside the normal 9-5, more attention needs to be placed on ensuring that critical data is protected should a disaster or server outage occur.

Every company should have a plan to recover from such incidents in the minimum amount of time, with minimum disruption and at minimum cost. This requires careful preparation and planning.

disaster recovery planning is a complex undertaking and requires continual enhancement and modification to keep up with your ever-changing business and ICT requirements. While technology is a key enabler to successfully recover from a disaster, processes and procedures combined with skills transfer and training is equally important.

We have significant experience in assisting companies with their disaster recovery plans. We have experience of so many industries, so many different disaster scenarios and so many different environments that we can help almost any business in almost any situation.

This includes business impact assessments, facilities selection, providing technology solutions. In addition, we have considerable knowledge of building processes, procedures and testing regimes. We cover the full infrastructure requirements of disaster recovery, from storage to the network infrastructure, disaster recover facility to application synchronization.

As no two businesses are the same we do not try to provide a solution 'off the shelf'. We believe our success is down to the individual approach we take to each client. This means listening and understanding your requirements.

So as to capture all your information and provide a service that flexes with the dynamics of your business we use a quality approved procedure consisting of the following 6 steps:-

Our experts are available to help you to decide the most appropriate business continuity and disaster recovery services for your business.

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