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website design : html web site design

Today's business world requires a strong web presence. It's not enough to just have a web site. Your web site must make an impact. Using a skilled website designer is the key to a lasting impression. A lasting impression is the key to return business.

HTML website design solutions

Some businesses require continuous updating of their content and they want to be able

to do this themselves using a simple HTML editor. Not a problem! Our webpage designers build beautiful HTML sites and templates.

We can optimize for speed or for heavy intense graphics. Most will opt for a balance between the two.

website features

1stGMC’s designers do more than just a run of the mill HTML web site, they can integrate custom made graphics, 3D website, and Flash components into your web site making it come alive, bringing your users deep into the site and thus deep into your company.

website add-ons we can integrate into your new or existing website!

Why do I care what my web site looks like. As long as it works, right?

When customers come to your site they will likely make an immediate evaluation of the quality of your product or services based on their first impression.

This first impression is your web site. Not so much what it says, as how it looks. People are visual by website and make judgments based on visual cues.
No matter how great your company is, most people will not go past your home page if the site is not aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate.

This is where we come in.

Using the latest web development programs and website strategies, our designers and developers will make certain that whoever visits your site will leave with all the information they came for PLUS an exciting web experience they won't soon forget.

website design news

See some sites below that we designed and/or host

click here go to www.ajeunesse.com

Designed by: Albert Sheppard
click here go to www.Tele-Medical-Health-HIPAA-Dicom-HL7-PACS.org

Designed by: Albert Sheppard
Click here to go to the site

Designed by Albert Sheppard
Click here to go to the site

Designed by Albert Sheppard
click here go to www.libertyhomesecurity.com

Designed by: Mandy Ma - Olivier Madec -
Albert Sheppard
click here go to www.global-trade-route.com

Designed by Albert Sheppard
Click here to go to the site

Designed by: Albert Sheppard
click here go to www.cluttergutter.com

Designed by: Albert Sheppard - Mandy Ma
Click here to go to the site

Designed by: Albert Sheppard
click here go to www.bclimousine.com

Designed by: Mike Perterson - Mandy Ma -
Olivier Madec - Albert Sheppard
click here go to www.zellit.com

Designed by: Olivier Madec - Albert Sheppard
Click here to go to the site

Designed by: Albert Sheppard
Click here go to www.1stgmc.net

Designed by: Chiaki Kagasaki - Olivier Madec -
Huan Le - Albert Sheppard - Mandy Ma
click here go to www.wwinternet1.net

Designed by: Mandy Ma - Olivier Madec -
Albert Sheppard
click here go to www.vdpi.org

Designed by Huan -Le - Albert Sheppard - Mandy Ma
Click here to go to the site

Designed by: Albert Sheppard and Maki Makami
Click here to go to the site

Designed in part by Albert Sheppard
Click here to go to the site
http://World Trade Route Coffee

Re-designed by Albert Sheppard
click here go to www.computerbrides.com

Designed by: Albert Sheppard
Click here to go to the site

Designed by Albert Sheppard
Click here to go to the site

Designed by Albert Sheppard
Click here to go to the site

Designed by Albert Sheppard
Click here to go to the site

Designed by Albert Sheppard
Click here to go to the site

Designed by Albert Sheppard
Setup Monthly Company
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Merchants Account at the BEST rates possible

Catalogs - We can help you catalog your products into a catalog that your customers can easily access anywhere in the world. You can easily add new products and delete old ones. By putting your catalog online you can always show anyone your list of goods & services e-Commerce style. Customers won't have to wait to receive your catalog in the mail, they just look it upon the web in minutes!

Shopping Cart Systems - Shopping carts are web interfaces for your customer to access your e-Commerce options that allow them to buy products online. Simple to use, attractive and cost-effective, shopping carts are becoming one of the primary ways that your customers can buy your goods & services online! We can create a simple point-and-click interface for your customer to order with a check, money order/cash or credit cards. If you like the idea of automating your sales, then a shopping cart e-Commerce solution may be for you.

e-Commerce Merchant Accounts - Have a shopping cart? Are we building one for you? If the answer to either question is yes, then you probably want to accept credit cards, right? If you do, then you need an e-Commerce Merchant Account to accept and process credit card orders. We off several solutions with different vendors. We can help you find an e-Commerce Merchant Account that works for you.

Search Engine Submission - Once you have your website you can list it in search engines to allow customers to find your site on their own. GM&C knows all of the ins and outs on getting your site submitted and can help you get your site high in the search listing results. Other e-Commerce vendors charge for this service but we realize that searchability can be a critical branch of your Internet e-Commerce development and will submit your site to the main search engines for free. If you want to be listed in more we can do that too, for a minimum cost. Let us help customers find you so that you can sell them the goods & services that they desire from you.

Automatic E-mail Bulk Mailing System - Do you ever wish that you could talk to all of your customers at once without spending your advertising budget on costly mailings and catalogs? GM&C has the solution for you. With an Automatic E-mail Bulk Mailing System your customers can sign up to get the information they want directly from you. Imagine having a targeted Mailing list of people who want your services now. You send one e-mail that all of your customers receive in seconds.

To keep our standing as one of the best Internet Service Providers, GM&C is making you these Guarantees which
no other service provider will match:


Cost to you $:

True Market $ Value:

GM&C will register your web site name (URL) for you



GM&C will host your web site (web pages) on our top of the line servers.

$60.00 per year


The biggest plus factor is that your primary contact will be someone who has  Real Business Knowledge and the Ability to help you Truly put Your Business on the Net and to translate Your Goals into Reality and Success -not just a developer who designs pretty pictures and systems.



GM&C will train you and your staff on How to Successfully market over the Internet with add-on options of electronic commerce, on-line and off-line PR and Media Blitz and Strategic Support
We provide regular monthly updates and follow up training or consultation for 18 months.



GM&C will train you and your staff on Internet Customer Service."So you don't become a victim of your own success!" You will only get one chance to show good customer service when prospects respond to your site. We will help you avoid the pitfalls.



GM&C will train you and your staff and help you to set up transaction security. I cannot emphasize this one enough. Know the facts of liability and risks and make use of Internet security developments.



GM&C will CUSTOM design your website with dynamic fully professional web programming languages, including Cold fusion, Advanced HTML, PHP, JAVA Script, JAVA, CGI/Perl, SQL, Access, Oracle platform, ASP and other advanced professional programs.. The design program depends on your specific website goals.

per page

$50-$350 per page

GM&C will change or update your Web site regularly, adding new text, dynamic graphics and photos at your request to keep it fresh and up-to-date.



GM&C will provide you with real time tracking and reports of who is browsing your Web site and how to do follow up Marketing to them.



GM&C will submit your Web Site to top Search Engines so the world can find you when they are browsing for your key words and phrases, your topics and domain name.



Call us now

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements further. If we can be of any assistance to you, please contact us or one of our ad sponsors.

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