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wireless : laser & microwave

We provide a range of wireless services to connect your sites, as an alternative to traditional 802.11 wireless wide area networks, copper cabling or fiber optics.

microwave services

Licensed radio or microwave communications are a secure, reliable and cost effective method of providing communication links for a wireless wide area network to support voice, data and video applications.

point-to-point microwave links are terrain-independent, and can cover distances from 100 metres to 100 km, as long as there is line of sight between the sites to be connected (or to intermediate points such as radio masts or tall buildings).

microwave wireless connectivity can be used with both laser and unlicensed radio to provide a complete wireless network.

When installed correctly, microwave links are highly resilient to adverse weather conditions, such as rain, fog or snow.


We offer a range of optical wireless laser communication systems designed for point-to-point line of sight applications. Laser can be used for very-high speed connections over relatively short transmission distances (up to 4 km).

laser services are ideally suited for:

Because optical laser technology can be affected by extreme adverse weather conditions, particularly when transmission distances are over 2 km, we recommend using a back-up link such as an unlicensed radio connection.

unlicensed radio

We provides a range of unlicensed radio solutions designed for point-to-point and point-to-multi-point communications. provide bandwidths of up to 9 Mbit/s, of transmission distances of up to 14 km. They are highly resilient to adverse weather conditions.

unlicensed radio operates in a frequency band which does not require a licence. This means that links can be established very quickly (typically days) and there are no licence fees.

wireless news

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