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software support : lotus notes support

We have extensive knowledge of lotus notes software.

In addition to providing planning, installation, and configuration support for your organization's lotus notes deployment, 1stGMC can help optimize the business impact of your lotus notes investment through creative, customized solutions that address your organization's specific needs.

1stGMC works with companies large and small, spanning a multitude of industries, to help leverage their intellectual capital and empower their employees through effective knowledge-sharing and communication.

With our expertise in collaborative technologies such as .net and microsoft operating systems, coupled with a deep understanding of knowledge management practices and business process optimisation, we are uniquely positioned in our ability to provide robust, integrated lotus notes solutions.

IBM is investing considerable amounts of research and development funds in lotus notes. As a IBM Partner, we are kept informed of IBM’s plans and future developments. By, in turn, partnering with us, you too can benefit from this knowledge as we regularly review with our customers how new versions of software or new products can be incorporated into the solutions we have not only already delivered but also future installations.

1stGMC’s range of services for lotus notes include:-

1stGMC's range of services for lotus notes include:-

Using lotus notes, 1stGMC deliver solutions that enhance business user productivity and reduce operational costs.

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