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network services : voice over ip

So what is voice over IP? Quite simply, VOIP allows you to use your existing data network or the internet to transfer voice traffic as well as data. The net result is Free voice calls and you can't get more cost effective than that!

Today we can carry voice over our data networks, and this enables voice to be carried from office to office over IP. Corporate companies who have a number of offices, either locally or in multiple countries, usually support their own leased lines for data transfer. Voice Over IP allows telephone calls to be transferred across these lines. Whilst bandwidth considerations must be made, as the voice runs parallel with the data and quality of service needs to be enforced, the cost saving is still phenomenal.

Voice Over IP enables phone calls to be made over the internal network instead of at high cost over the PSTN. Essentially the voice rides for 'free' whether the call is to an office locally or internationally. The cost of international phone calls can be greatly reduced, where offices abroad can enable their users to dial out to that local country at the cost of a local or standard rate call. Voice over IP means phenomenal cost savings on phone calls both nationally and internationally.


A VOIP network can be as small as two offices or as large as hundreds of offices. Each office installs and cons a VOIPon their network to begin placing calls or sending faxes to the other offices on the VOIP network.

The most substantial savings are often realized in overseas communication.

Office to OfficeBranch-to-Headquarters Connection



VOIP supports 14.4K bps real-time faxing over an IP network.

For businesses with a heavy fax load between offices, reducing faxing costs may be the primary use for the VOIP network.

off-net calling

Telecommuters or customers off the IP network can make free long distance calls by dialing into a local VOIP and placing toll-free calls to any location on the VOIP network.

You can even have a VOIP at a remote site dial a local phone number for a free person-to-person long distance call.

off-premise extensions

Create off-premise extensions extend the reach of your PBX into home office locations. Simply connect a VOIP gateway to the PBX at the corporate office, and another VOIP gateway at the remote office.

Now, anyone can place calls to the remote office by simply dialing an extension number.

To extend your PBX to a building across the street, utilize a wireless bridge to connect the two networks. Now, you have voice and data connectivity without having to lay cables or paying monthly charges for dedicated lines.

mobile workers

Utilizing a laptop with Mmicrosoft netmeeting, a mobile worker can make a Voice over IP call back to the corporate office. This allows the mobile worker to utilize the Internet to check voice mail, call co-workers on the corporate PBX, and get a dial tone from the PBX to make off-network calls, all for free.

The H.323 protocol is what allows this solution to work.

It provides complete interoperability among third-party VOIP solutions.

H.323 is the cornerstone technology for the transmission of real-time audio, video and data communications over packet-based networks.

Toll-Free Numbers

With VOIP, you can eliminate the expense of toll-free numbers. For example, an Internet Service Provider can provide customers of remote POP sites with a local support

number which is routed back to the main office's customer support group via the Internet.

How does it work?

The VOIP is a point-to-point gateway solution.

Simply install one unit at your remote POP site and another at your central location. Then supply your remote customers with a local phone number for customer support.

This will dial the VOIP directly and automatically route back to the technical support team at your central site.

Lower your phone bill today.

A VOIP network can quickly return your investment and quickly begin to pay you back.

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