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network services : thin client

Reduce the cost of desktop computing with a customized Server-Based Computing Solution.

The Server Based Computing approach to delivering critical business applications to end-user devices through the use of Thin Client computing technology is a solution that should not be overlooked in your IT strategy.

With this approach, it does not matter if the client device is a full-featured PC, a Macintosh system, a UNIX workstation, X-terminal, or a true thin client device like a Windows-based terminal or hand-held (wireless) information appliance.

With server based computing solutions, 100% of the applications and data reside and execute on the server.

server architecture

This computing approach can reduce the cost of desktop computing. Application installations, updates and additions are made only once - on the server - and then are instantly available to all users anywhere, with exceptional performance. IT professionals have the ability to manage applications on the network from a single point and provide enterprise-level security for data and applications.

The diagram shown to the right is a high level view of the Server Based Computing Architecture.

service offerings

1stGMC Server Based Computing Service Offerings

1stGMC Solutions' Server Based Computing Offerings are designed to maximize the benefits inherent in the technology. The major benefits of Server Based Computing technology include:

1stGMC server based computing offerings give our clients a flexible, cost-effective way to explore a thin client solution for either a specific group/department or for the entire organization. Our service offerings include:

Architecture, design and Implementation of Server Based Computing Solutions

Fundamental to all of our service offerings is the Architecture, design and Implementation of each solution. The architecture and design of your solution is done to ensure the solution is integrated into your IT environment seamlessly, effectively, and efficiently.

computing pilots

Server based computing pilots

The pilot program is best for those businesses exploring new ways to do business, or for those businesses with a need to simplify and consolidate administration efforts.

The pilot program will clearly demonstrate the advantages of a Server Based Computing approach to the problems of application delivery.

The pilot offering can be done with a minimum investment in hardware commensurate with the complexity of the application.

In many cases 1stGMC can assist our clients through the use of either evaluation hardware or through the use of our BetaLab demonstration and test center.

Following the pilot, an architectural document is delivered to our clients describing a full Server Based Computing environment deployment.

Finally, the pilot offering ensures that the applications desired by our clients will perform in a Server Based Computing environment.

upgrades and migrations

The migration service provided by 1stGMC is designed for those businesses that have been using a Server Based Computing solution and now wish to migrate their existing platform to a newer, more robust platform.

1stGMC is in tune with the various reasons for accomplishing a migration. A significant goal is to ensure uninterrupted service of the business applications throughout the upgrade and transition process.

Whether the migration is due to a software publisher improving the applications or an inherent platform migration for functionality improvements, 1stGMC can provide the planning and deployment know-how to make the transition a smooth one.

validation & testing

application validation and testing

This offering is primarily for those clients that have experience with a Server Based Computing environment, but have not had the ability or resources required to determine such things as Cost per User or Will this new application or version work? or even What can I do to improve my application or environment? 1stGMC has significant experience in assisting business clients and software publishers in answering these questions.

Our test offering is a structured test program designed with your applications and environment in mind. 1stGMC provides our clients with the information necessary to determine:



The installation offering is for those businesses that have a clear understanding of the benefits of Server Based Computing.

This service offering will provide you with a fully functional Server Based Computing environment engineered and tailored to the requested business functionality.

When complete, your applications will be available to your designated users in a structured environment that can be maintained easily and successfully in your business context.

1stGMC considers the knowledge transfer to be a vital component of our service, and every effort is made to ensure the knowledge of the installation and maintenance efforts are understood by our clients.

For more information about Server Based Computing, please contact us.

network services news

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We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements further. If we can be of any assistance to you, please contact us or one of our ad sponsors.

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