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network support : remote support

We monitor key computer functionality across all your locations down to the individual work station.

By observing traffic patterns, capacity and general throughput we can often detect potential issues before they occur, allowing us to see service interruption down to the individual component level and speeding up recovery time by identifying specific points of failure.

Monitoring your network is just the beginning. Having the ability to observe trends within your business system allows us to make important recommendations as your company grows.

It also allows us to adapt quickly to changing conditions with your business model.

No matter what level of network support you select, someone is always there to help. More often than not, assistance can be performed remotely; saving you time and money. Peace of mind comes from knowing our qualified staff of engineers is watching over your network. Questions get answered, problems get solved, and that’s the Solution.

remote support is an Internet-based desktop sharing technology that allows 1stGMC to provide offsite technical support. We can either show you what steps to take through screen sharing, or with your permission, we can take control of your desktop and remotely perform tasks.

remote support is provided in conjunction with phone support. This service may eliminate waiting for an onsite visit, providing you a more timely solution to your problems.

Bottom line – if you depend on your information systems to propel your business and serve your clients, then remote support is probably a good idea.

In short – resolution times are lessened, our team is able to troubleshoot the issue as it occurs and you are back online and running at full speed in less time.

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Offshoring may eliminate as many as one in five programming, software engineering and back office jobs such as data-key entry during the next several years in certain metropolitan areas where employment in those fields is the heaviest, according to a study by The Brookings Institution released this week.

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