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network services : replication

Today's heterogeneous business-critical environments demand the highest levels of availability for applications and data across the enterprise. At the same time, enterprise storage continues to grow at a rapid pace and the complexity of these environments continues to expand, making the task of managing data access and availability increasingly difficult.

replication software provides fast, automatic, real-time mirroring of mission-critical data in real-world heterogeneous environments over standard IP networks. Once installed on existing servers, replication software is always running, automatically mirroring critical data changes to one or more servers anywhere on a network.

replication is the process by which changes in a primary server are communicated to one or more 'secondary' servers. The secondary servers are simply mirrors of the primary server. All the servers are transparent to a user.

The secondary servers poll the primary server every few minutes to replicate any changes that have been made. If the primary server does not respond then secondary servers will automatically failover to being the primary server so users can still access applications and data.

At 1stGMC we have considerable experience in creating a replicated server environment. Our services include:-

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