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software support : sage support

We have extensive product knowledge of sage software.

In addition to providing planning, installation, and configuration support for your organization's Sage deployment, 1stGMC can help optimize the business impact of your Sage investment through creative, customized solutions that address your organization's specific needs.

1stGMC works with companies large and small, spanning a multitude of industries, to help leverage their intellectual capital and empower their employees through effective knowledge-sharing and communication.

With our expertise in collaborative technologies such as .net, exchange server and sql server, coupled with a deep understanding of knowledge management practices and business process optimisation, we are uniquely positioned in our ability to provide robust, integrated sage solutions.

1stGMC's range of services for sage line 50, line 100, line 200, line 500 and sage MMS include:-

Using sage, 1stGMC deliver solutions that enhance business user productivity and reduce operational costs.

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