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structured cabling : security cameras

We offer a full design and installation service to customers that require a tailored network camera solution.

To ensure maximum system performance, optimum reliability and long-term product support, we only use hardware and software solutions from the industries leading providers such as Panasonic, Sony etc. Although we are benefiting from strong support from these manufacturers, we give honest and independent advice that will best suit your particular requirement. We offer a solution for the majority of applications and try to suit different levels of financial budgets available.

Network camera technology can be used in a wide range of applications, ranging from remote security surveillance to remote health & safety monitoring and central CCTV monitoring. Network cameras are also often used by managers as a tool for remote operational monitoring and control.

Some examples that security cameras can be used in are:-

international Banks
Secure high performance solutions providing the capability to network a variety of analogue and IP camera and systems across LAN/WAN ADSL, ISDN, Internet and Intranet.

Record process monitoring data for quality control or legislative purposes

city centres
Solutions to monitor situations and to respond rapidly to adverse events

school premises
Monitor buildings and grounds for reason of safety and supervision; whether unattended or populated.

High security installations which are networked and monitored remotely by the clients and security services, and integrated with extensive alarm management and access control systems.

High quality and high reliability system supporting large networks where unique user set-up profiles are required and where international languages on controls and screens are required

Networks deployed for charge desk, cell monitoring and custody suites, where interviews are recorded and committed in triplicate to CD or DVD.

produce markets
Flexible deployment solutions to ensure that goods are monitored and tracked in and out of secure environments.

motorways & tolls
Extensive deployments to monitor motorway networks, aid traffic management, and provide security & system integrity at the tollbooth controls.

facility security
Flexible solutions that can be easily modified and upgraded to respond to changing requirements, and support access control, alarm management & building control systems.

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