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security : intrusion detection

intrusion detection (ID) is a type of security management system for computers and networks.

An ID system gathers and analyses information from various areas within a computer or a network to identify possible security breaches, which include both intrusions (attacks from outside the organization) and misuse (attacks from within the organization).

ID uses vulnerability assessment (sometimes refered to as scanning), which is a technology developed to assess the security of a computer system or network.

intrusion detection functions include:

ID System

ID systems are being developed in response to the increasing number of attacks on major sites and networks, including those of the Pentagon, the White House, NATO, and the U.S. Defense Department.

The safeguarding of security is becoming increasingly difficult, because the possible technologies of attack are becoming ever more sophisticated; at the same time, less technical ability is required for the novice attacker, because proven past methods are easily accessed through the Web.

Typically, an ID system follows a two-step process. The first procedures are host-based and are considered the passive component, these include: inspection of the system's configuration files to detect inadvisable settings; inspection of the password files to detect inadvisable passwords; and inspection of other system areas to detect policy violations.

The second procedures are network-based and are considered the active component: mechanisms are set in place to reenact known methods of attack and to record system responses.

security news

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The CEO of an antispam firm whose service was knocked offline by a spammer earlier this week claimed his company was the victim of a sophisticated attack carried out, in part, with the help of someone at a top-tier ISP.

Buying tickets online for Tom Cruise's latest movie became a Mission: Impossible for some theater goers last weekend thanks to a computer virus that gummed up ticket-buying in the southeastern U.S.

Nortel today is set to announce the addition of intrusion-prevention capability to the Nortel Alteon application switch.

One in five Australian enterprises have found a rootkit on the corporate network.

Australian High Tech Crime Center director Kevin Zuccato is glad to admit there is a lot to learn in prosecuting cyber miscreants.

The operators of a Web site that allowed users to track their visitors have been charged with trying to extort $150,000 from the popular social networking site.

Advocates for strong data privacy laws are getting plenty of ammunition to support their cause these days.

So the issue with rootkits is not rootkits at all. It is the intentions of other people and their code, and whether we can hold those people personally responsible. If they work for large corporations, apparently we can't.

Cybersecurity vendor Finjan Software has filed a patent-infringement lawsuit against competitor Secure Computing, Finjan announced Monday.

Crossbeam has come out with two security devices for mid-size businesses that support multiple security applications made by other vendors.

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