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microsoft sharepoint

sharepoint portal server is an enterprise portal solution for intelligently connecting people, teams, employees and information. sharepoint provides a central place for your employees or clients to access, manage, share and interact with relevant information, documents, applications and other people. It enables quicker and more effective file and information sharing and better streamlined business processes.

Here are Microsoft's top ten reasons to Deploy sharepoint portal server 2003:

1. Create a complete view of your business.

access all the information, documents and applications you use throughout the day through sharepoint portal server 2003. Single sign-on and built-in Microsoft BizTalk� Server and application connector integration enable information technology (IT) professionals to integrate existing Line of Business (LOB) applications into the portal. You can find and reuse timely and relevant information from systems and reports, and quickly locate and access documents, projects, and best practices by searching or browsing-all through the portal. Web Parts enable you to assemble a view of complementary information from multiple sources, so you can view customer information from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Microsoft Office Outlook�, file shares, and Web sites at the same time.

2. Put relevant information at your fingertips

sharepoint portal server 2003 enables you to be more productive by giving you immediate access to up-to-date, relevant information. You can organize all the information, documents, and applications you access throughout the day in a single view on My Site. Single sign-on and personalization services enable you to not only access applications through the portal; sharepoint portal server 2003 provides direct access to those sections of the application you are most interested in-without having to remember your password.

Audience targeting enables IT professionals to customize an experience for you based on your role, hierarchy or interests, pushing relevant news, links, documents, applications and Web services to your portal.

3. Share knowledge across the organization

sharepoint portal server 2003 makes it easy for business units, teams, and individuals to contribute content to the portal. Business units can integrate their sharepoint portal into the enterprise portal, enabling them to share knowledge with other business units. Teams can easily make the content in their Microsoft Windows� sharepoint services sites discoverable through the portal through browsing or searching, and portal users can publish documents and best practices to the rest of the organization by adding them to the public view of their personal sites. Note: Microsoft Windows ServerT 2003 is required for Windows sharepoint services.

4. Find and make the most of your organization's intellectual capital

The industry-leading search technology in sharepoint portal server 2003 lets you locate documents, project plans and best practices in file shares, Web sites, microsoft exchange server public Folders, Lotus Notes, Windows sharepoint services sites, and databases instead of re-creating the wheel. You can find more than just documents and Web sites; sharepoint portal server provides access to the people and teams that contribute knowledge to your organization. Links take you to My Sites and sharepoint sites so you can investigate other contributions from the experts.

Information, documents and sites can also be organized into topics, enabling you to find a wealth of relevant information by browsing.

5. Find, aggregate, and provision sharepoint sites

Meetings can have their own shared workspace, to coordinate agendas and attendees sharepoint portal server 2003 utilizes Windows sharepoint services sites to create portal pages for people, information, and organizations. The portal becomes a collaborative experience by extending the capabilities of Windows sharepoint services sites, enabling you to organize, manage and provision sharepoint sites from the portal. Teams can also publish information in their sites, sharing their best practices with the entire organization.

6. Create self-service portals

With its industry-leading search, single sign-on technology, and built in BizTalk Server and application connector integration, sharepoint portal server 2003 enables you to create self-service portals for employees, partners, and customers. Employees can access human resource (HR) systems and sign up for benefits using the same portal they use everyday to access people, teams, and knowledge. Because sharepoint portal server 2003 is so easy to use, you can deploy it as an extranet and enable customers and partners to place and track their own orders or search for support documents-improving customer satisfaction while reducing your support costs.

7. Automate business processes

sharepoint portal server 2003 helps relevant information find you through Alerts and Audience Targeting. Alerts notify you when any relevant document, sharepoint site, or application has been added or changed. You can even be alerted when a specific expert or team adds new information to the portal.

Audience targeting enables IT groups to push relevant information and applications to a group of users with similar job roles, titles, or interests. Audiences can be created from Active Directory, Distribution Lists, hierarchies, or any other criteria that you define.

8. Accelerate adoption with familiar interfaces and tools

sharepoint integrates with Microsoft Office to increase the power of bothNew technologies often fail because they are too hard to use and no one has time to attend lengthy training courses. sharepoint portal server 2003 speeds user adoption and lowers training costs by using familiar tools found in Microsoft Office applications, such as drop down boxes to display editing options, and drag and drop tools to customize the portal content and layout. IT Professionals can create Web Parts that expose information, applications and Web services by using familiar tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio� .NET and Microsoft Office FrontPage� 2003.

9. Reduce development time and cost with out-of-the-box portal services

sharepoint portal server 2003 can be deployed right out of the box without any additional development work. Portal services such as search, sharepoint site management, topics and My Sites are available immediately. Web Parts that provide read/write access to Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 are also available right out of the box, lowering your development costs.

10. Ease deployment with flexible options

Regardless of whether your organization wants to take a top-down or bottom-up approach to deploying portals, sharepoint portal server 2003 has a deployment model that fits your needs. The portal is built on a scalable, highly-distributed architecture that can be deployed on a single box or server farm. You can link Windows sharepoint services sites, business unit portals, and the enterprise portal together at any time-enabling knowledge to be shared across the organization.

What we can offer

In addition to providing planning, installation, and configuration support for your organization's sharepoint deployment, 1stGMC can help optimize the business impact of your sharepoint investment through creative, customized solutions that address your organization's specific needs.

1stGMC works with companies large and small, spanning a multitude of industries, to help leverage their intellectual capital and empower their employees through effective knowledge-sharing and communication.

With our expertise in collaborative technologies such as .net, exchange server and sql server, coupled with a deep understanding of knowledge management practices and business process optimization, we are uniquely positioned in our ability to provide robust, integrated Microsoft sharepoint portal server and Windows sharepoint services (WSS) solutions.

From corporate Intranets, to secure Extranets and dedicated team sites, we provide easy to use portals that harness the power of sharepoint's built-in functionality and custom integration solutions to help maximize your existing technology investment.

Microsoft is investing considerable amounts of research and development funds in sharepoint server, exchange server and other workflow type software. As a Microsoft Partner, we are kept informed of microsoft’s plans and future developments. By, in turn, partnering with us, you too can benefit from this knowledge as we regularly review with our customers how new versions of software or new products can be incorporated into the solutions we have not only already delivered but also future installations.

Microsoft sharepoint Support and Solutions

1stGMC's range of services include:-

Using microsoft sharepoint, 1stGMC deliver solutions that enhance business user productivity and reduce operational costs.

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