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The supply chain function is one of the core processes within any organization. Having efficient and integrated control over incoming and outgoing merchandise, anticipating demand and recognising purchasing trends can give an organization the competitive edge which is much needed in today's environment.

Within many companies, liaison with suppliers and relationships with customers, for instance, are seen as the responsibility of two separate departments. However, if there is inefficient communication between them, inaccuracies or delays can occur and increased administration costs or disappointed customers can result.

1stGMC develop supply chain solutions which are flexible, simple to use and reliable. As with our other services, an effective system can be built around existing software or developed in a completely bespoke manner.

We deliver value through a systematic approach that spans:


This includes implementation of demand management solution; supply chain master planning, and demand fulfillment.


This includes web enabling and integrating warehouse management solutions; transportation planning and scheduling solutions and integration of supply chain planning solution.


We assist you in assessing the potential for business performance improvement; mapping supply chain excellence and defining performance measurement metrics.


We help you in business process definition and integration of SCM solution with various surrounding systems.


We develop a web portal for you to interact with your customers and business partners; integration of existing web portals to process solutions and enhancement & up-gradation of the existing SM solution.

Benefits of our services:

Our solutions can incorporate all the links in the supply chain, from supplier and inventory management through to order processing and despatch, in addition to the related accounting and other procedures required by your company's quality systems.

We can help you to ensure that your technology is managed in the most effective way, to make the most of any potential opportunities that may arise anywhere within your supply chain process.

If you would like to discuss how a tailored SCM solution could benefit your company, please call us and we will be happy to advise you.

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We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements further. If we can be of any assistance to you, please contact us or one of our ad sponsors.

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