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software requirements specification (srs)

For software projects, according to the Standish Group, 31% of software projects are cancelled before the product is delivered to the customers, while 53% cost 189% or more of their original budgets. 40-60% of the software defects and failures being attributed to poor requirements, thus reflecting the extent of the problem and the need to identify, communicate and manage software project requirements. That is why we at 1stGMC view the software requirement specification of any software project both large and small as a critical factor.

A software requirements specification is critical to understanding the goals of the organization and its customers and the transformation of these goals into potential functions and constraints applicable to the development and evolution of products and services. It involves understanding the relationship between goals, functions and constraints in terms of the specification of products, including systems behaviour, and service definition.

The goals provide the motivation for programmes and projects and represent the 'why' and to a certain extent the 'what' in development terms. The specification provides the basis for analysing requirements, validating that they are indeed what your business stakeholders want, defining what needs to be delivered, and verifying the resultant developed software product.

A software requirements specification aims to establish a common understanding between your business and 1stGMC so that all requirements will be addressed at an early stage in the project life-cycle and maintain control by establishing suitable base-lines for both development and management use. In short it allows your business to know exactly what will be delivered, how it will be delivered and in what time frame.

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