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data storage : storage overview

The main focus for any major system foundation is storage. The amount of legacy and Internet data will only be controllable if care and attention is given to planning scalable storage. 1stGMC has experience in designing both large and small storage solutions for all types of businesses in many industry sectors.

We consider the requirements of the entire enterprise in designing a data storage solution, taking a holistic view rather than just building a separate storage network.

Your organization's requirements for a data storage solution may be symptomatic of a larger issue within the network, and the legacy network infrastructure will significantly impact the new solution's design and implementation

From the workgroup to the enterprise wide solution, 1stGMC never delivers a shopping list of part numbers or a one-size-fits-all product. 1stGMC Engineers take the time to research, analyse and document the legacy network infrastructure as well as current data storage trends, and future business and strategic goals. This information supplies the background for a turnkey solution.

1stGMC Engineers verify that all requirements are met and review the plan with your organization, then proceed with procurement and implementation. Our engineers conduct solution testing and benchmarking, followed by installation at your site. Finally, the engineers conduct training and knowledge transfer necessary for your administrators, and we turn over the configuration and training documentation.

storage solutions

We can provide solutions for : -

Successful storage solutions do not just happen; they are well planned and executed. At 1stGMC, we are clearly focused on meeting all of the storage needs of our clients.

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