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data storage : tape backups

Automation of the back-up process is a vital area. tape back-ups are ideal for protection against data loss from power surges and outages, disasters, simple user errors, equipment malfunction, corruption, viruses and other mishaps.

There are many backup solutions to suit different performance, capacity, costs, and life expectancy. These include low-cost SLR drives, mainstream low-duty dat drives and high-capacity, high-performance AIT / DLT drives.

slr drives

The SLR Drive is a low-cost, highly reliable tape drive for data protection aimed at workgroup entry-level customers. The 4/8 GB SLR tape drive has a higher data capacity, transfer and reliability rating than DDS-1 DAT and comes at a lower price.

dat drives

DAT Drive use digital data storage (DDS), tape technology that's been around since 1988.

It is multi-vendor supported and has a strict standard of compatibility and interchangeability.

Even today, DDS is still the only multi-vendor-supported drive in network markets. An ideal solution for small to medium-size businesses.

dlt drives

DLT solutions are designed to reduce costs of back-up operations and deliver top performance and capacity. They offer highly manageable solutions for attended or unattended operations.

ait drives

For businesses that need departmental and workgroup back-up, AIT (Advanced Intelligent tape) drives are perfect. With optimised information access features, they are capable of handling the upcoming explosion of data storage management.

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