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recovery : tape storage

data is the lifeblood of your organization. Protecting it and making sure that you always have access to it are your most important challenges.

An integral part of any sound backing up strategy should incorporate offsite data backups to safeguard against potential local disasters including fire, theft and flood.

Having offsite tape storage is critical to disaster recovery. By storing copies of important data at an offsite location, you are minimizing the fallout from unforeseen events at your site. If your original data is compromised in any way, your file backup can be called back from the offsite tape storage facility and you will be up and running again within 24 hours.

The 1stGMC Process

tapes are couriered from site in secure pouches for maximum security and to maintain the physical integrity of your data. Routine collections and deliveries are by either 1stGMC or nominated couriers, and all relevant personnel carry identification to assure you that only authorised agents will handle your data. To prevent media being passed to unauthorised parties, we record all details of appropriate personnel.

All media items are logged onto our proprietary software system and placed in secure, environmentally controlled storage facilities.

Alternatively, your computer backups can be automatically cycled, returning them to you according to a pre-arranged schedule, ensuring you always have the correct items for your incremental backup programmes. Quite simply, you supply us with a schedule, perhaps in the form of a spreadsheet of the daily items you require. We will then follow this schedule and you will receive a daily delivery / collection, ensuring you always have the relevant day's media.

Key offsite tape storage features

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