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software support : terminal server support

Employees have embraced the freedom and conveniences afforded by working remotely and are now demanding access to corporate data and various applications from remote sites, including their homes. As a result, businesses need to provide their workforce with a secure, easy to use remote tool.

From the operations side of running a business, there are really only two things that are important: time and money. The great thing about Terminal Services is that it can save you both.

From a time-saving perspective, terminal services lets administrators install, con, manage and maintain applications centrally on a few servers. This is usually much faster and easier to do than deploying applications on hundreds or thousands of desktop machines at different sites across an enterprise. And by making the job of the administrator easier, companies also save money on IT support costs for their information systems infrastructure. Furthermore, centrally-deployed applications are usually easier to maintain (for example, patching and upgrading) and simpler to troubleshoot when things go wrong. As a result, downtime is reduced and users are more productive.

Another cost-saving perspective is that since in a terminal server environment all application logic runs on the server, the processing and storage requirements for client machines are minimal. This means you can save money by keeping in service older desktop computers running legacy versions of Windows, and focus your limited IT budget on a few high-powered systems to run as your terminal servers.

What can we offer

In addition to providing planning, installation, and configuration support for your organization's microsoft terminal services deployment, 1stGMC can help optimize the business impact of your terminal server investment through creative, customized solutions that address your organization's specific needs.

1stGMC works with companies large and small, spanning a multitude of industries, to help leverage their intellectual capital and empower their employees through effective knowledge-sharing and communication.

With our expertise in collaborative technologies such as .net, exchange server and sql server, coupled with a deep understanding of knowledge management practices and business process optimization, we are uniquely positioned in our ability to provide robust, integrated Microsoft terminal server solutions.

Microsoft is investing considerable amounts of research and development funds in terminal server, exchange server and other remote access software. As a Microsoft Partner, we are kept informed of microsoft’s plans and future developments. By, in turn, partnering with us, you too can benefit from this knowledge as we regularly review with our customers how new versions of software or new products can be incorporated into the solutions we have not only already delivered but also future installations.

Our micosoft terminal server solutions include:-

Using microsoft terminal server, 1stGMC deliver solutions that enhance business user productivity and reduce operational costs.

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We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements further. If we can be of any assistance to you, please contact us or one of our ad sponsors.

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