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website design : data driven websites

The current trend for online services means that more and more sites are being developed with advanced features such as user registration and member’s only features.

Also lots more people are looking to start purely internet based businesses, many of which require additional web programming and database integration (for example online property searches, dating websites and gambling sites).

website database integration is used in a number of areas to enhance the online experience.

From the collection of e-mail addresses and user data to password protection and referral systems, virtually any site offering more than basic information relies on server or client programming. typically, databases are used where websites require

Or in other words where websites require dynamic content.

What is dynamic content?

dynamic content is information that is assembled only when it is requested. It does not exist as a document; rather, it exists as a series of content objects that are assembled in response to the user’s requests or requirements. We define "dynamic" as some combination of these htmlects:

Merges information from databases and other sources with web page templates to provide up-to-date content. This also enables large sites to be built without creating each page by hand. Enables complex user interactions such as online ordering, database searching and workflow management.

Responds to the unique needs and inputs of your site visitors. Encourages timely, frequent updates by making it easy for everyone in your organization to manage their content.

Adapts to your needs for growth and change, allowing new content and sections to be added with ease.

Now think of requesting customized information in this way. For example, consider a customer tailoring a piece of software to her own needs by choosing to use some components and not others.

Using a web logon profile (a predefined user profile of the customer) or customer responses to questions or selections, a dynamic document automatically selects appropriate components of information from the content repository, assembles them, and provides them to the customer.

Our services

1stGMC offer the very best in web based programming techniques to ensure your site functions correctly and efficiently. Our technical development team has a wealth of experience and ability using a wide variety of Internet technologies.

Our ability to combine technology with creative thinking ensures our customers are delivered cost effective and dynamic, database-driven websites suited to all of their business needs. We add real value to all of your business processes by developing database applications suited to you and your needs.

Developing in-house all of the technology from early concept gives us the maximum control and flexibility when it comes to adding innovative and customer-defined features. All of our database applications.

In order to achieve efficient, flexible and rapid web development, our technical approach has been carefully devised using expertise in e-commerce and large database applications. We ensure that our technology can be easily integrated into your existing internal systems.

Our development skills extend to local client server database applications, often founded upon SQL Server databases. For applications that demand sophisticated functionality, we use a combination of various technologies and programming languages as required by the context of the current project.

With technical personnel drawn from a wide variety of different marketplaces and industry sectors, we always have the know-how and expertise to develop your business on or off line.

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We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements further. If we can be of any assistance to you, please contact us or one of our ad sponsors.

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