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wireless : wide area networks

Enterprises with multiple sites on a campus or in a metropolitan area must connect all local area networks reliably, and at high speeds.

Traditionally the answer has been to install cabling (if on a private campus), or to lease E1 or T1 lines from the local carrier or alternate service provider. There are, however, significant disadvantages to such solutions including:

Outdoor wireless solutions provide an alternative. Providing speeds of up to 11 Mbps, outdoor solutions are relatively inexpensive and can be installed very quickly.

Typically solutions use standard IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN technology, adapted for outdoor use, which operate in the unlicensed 2.4 GHz band, removing the need to acquire licenses or approval for individual use.

Using outdoor wireless solutions, enterprises gain the following benefits:

Outdoor wireless LAN solutions are deployed in a point to multi-point architecture, with one site being the hub and the remainder acting as remote sites.

At the hub, one or more outdoor wireless LAN access points (also known as base units) are installed.

The antennas of these units must be aligned to provide radio coverage to all of the remote sites.

The access point is connected via a standard ethernet interface to the enterprise LAN at the hub site. At each remote site, a specialized outdoor wireless LAN station adaptor (also known as remote bridge) is installed.

The remote bridge is connected to the remote building's LAN via a standard ethernet interface, providing high speed connectivity to the hub site, and all other connected sites.

Typical Wireless Metropolitan Area Network

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