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wireless : wireless network

Employees have embraced the freedom and conveniences afforded by laptops, PDA�s and other mobile devices and are now demanding easier connectivity with the corporate network.

With secure high-speed access to their networks, employees can increase their productivity and collaboration as well as heighten customer responsiveness. Optimizing existing wired and wireless LAN technology and extending access to the corporate network and applications also helps organizations minimize total cost of ownership of the network.

As a result, businesses need to provide their workforce with both wired and wireless connectivity. Simultaneously, corporate networks are growing and evolving, which means they need to expand with greater speed, flexibility and economy. This creates a dilemma. How can you accomplish both without compromising wireless Security?

We have substantial experience and unrivalled capabilities in wireless network technologies. We assist with all htmlects of wireless network deployment, from planning, design, installation, configuration, testing, training, support and in-depth troubleshooting of wireless networks in the US.

1stGMC works with key wireless manufactures like cisco and enterprise customers to deliver architectural solutions that can help enterprises understand a variety of models for bridging their enterprises to the wireless world.

Our wireless network design, consulting and installation services include:

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