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wireless : wireless security

Employees have embraced the freedom and conveniences afforded by laptops, PDAs and other mobile devices and are now demanding easier connectivity with the corporate network. As a result, businesses need to provide their workforce with both wired and wireless connectivity. Simultaneously, corporate networks are growing and evolving, which means they need to expand with greater speed, flexibility and economy. This creates a dilemma. How can you accomplish both without compromising wireless Security?

1stGMC works with key wireless manufactures like cisco and enterprise customers to deliver architectural solutions that can help enterprises understand a variety of models for bridging their enterprises to the wireless world.

Specifically focusing around:

1stGMC's approach is to understand the different systemic requirements such as scalability, availability, performance, reliability and manageability and create designs which build security from the ground up.

wireless news

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Several months after its first sighting in the Philippines, the Cabir worm that infects mobile phones running Symbian OS with the Series 60 user interface has surfaced in the U.S.

With a little bit of technical acumen and a few hundred dollars, enterprising thieves can walk away with some late model cars and gas them up for free to boot, according to research published by computer security experts at The Johns Hopkins University (JHU) in Baltimore and RSA Security Inc.'s RSA Laboratories in Bedford, Massachusetts.

Anti-virus company F-Secure is warning mobile phone users about a new malicious software program that infects phones that use the Symbian Series 60 operating system, preventing the phones from starting.

Most corporate users are unprepared for mobile device security, said Rob Kermode, general manager for customer solutions at Sprint, in a keynote speech at this week's Wireless Security Conference in Cambridge, Mass.

Two companies are separately updating their tools for protecting enterprise wireless LANs at this week's Interop trade show in Las Vegas.

Microsoft has added a key wireless LAN security specification to Windows XP, the company announced Thursday.

Users of Symbian Series 60 smart phones should be aware of a new Trojan horse that, if not removed within one hour, can cause complete data loss in their wireless devices, security experts warned.

Two wireless LAN security vendors last week separately announced streamlined versions of their software.

Over the roar of belching diesels and the hiss of cutting torches, a worker wearing the distinctive robin's egg blue hard hat of California builder Rudolph and Sletten taps on a Tablet PC to view a CAD drawing on a remote server.

A design flaw in Windows XP and Windows 2003 systems with built-in wireless capabilities could be exploited by hackers to lure Wi-Fi users into connecting to malicious wireless networks, according to Microsoft, which recently completed an investigation of the issue.

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